Creating Your Legacy of Hope With a Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a special type of gift that pays you back.


How a Gift Annuity Works

One of the reasons gift annuities are so popular is that they offer a variety of attractive benefits:

  1. A Gift of Hope for City of Hope Patients.Your gift will be used to help find cures for cancer and other serious illnesses. These diseases don’t stop because there’s a new threat, and City of Hope is undeterred in its pursuit to eradicate both. And however long COVID-19 impacts our lives, City of Hope’s mission to provide outstanding care will continue uninterrupted.
  2. Attractive Payment Rates. Depending on your age, rates go as high as 8.6%, (and even higher for certain deferred gift annuities). If you’re not sure when you would need your payment to start, a flexible deferred gift annuity allows you to decide later. The longer the deferral, the higher your payment rate.
  3. Lower Taxes. With a gift annuity, you are eligible for an income tax deduction and a portion of your payments are typically tax-free.
  4. Fixed Payments. The fixed payments from a gift annuity can help balance equity risk in your portfolio. The amount paid to you is determined by your age at the time your gift annuity is funded and this amount will never change, regardless of market fluctuations or how long you live. If you don’t need income immediately or are looking ahead to retirement, you can schedule payments to begin at least one year after your donation, at a higher rate.
  5. Benefit up to Two People. Provide financial security for yourself and a spouse or other loved one. You each receive payments for your lifetimes.
  6. AGI Deduction. Under the CARES Act, for annuities funded with cash, you may deduct up to 100% of adjusted gross income (AGI).

Sample Payment Rates*

Frequently Asked Questions

A: If increasing cash flow is a top priority, the generous, guaranteed, fixed payments from a gift annuity is a great solution. Gift annuity payment rates are very attractive, as high as 8.6% (and even higher for certain deferred gift annuities), depending on your age.

A: Yes! If you contribute appreciated stock to City of Hope to fund a charitable gift annuity, you may avoid some capital gains tax. You will also be eligible for a charitable income tax deduction — plus you will enjoy lifetime income.

A: City of Hope’s gift annuity program has made payments to hundreds of annuitants for more than 50 years and each gift annuity is backed by the full faith and credit of City of Hope.

A: City of Hope requires a minimum donation of $25,000 although it is not uncommon to contribute $100,000 or more. You must be age 60 or older to establish a gift annuity with us. Younger donors may be able to establish a deferred gift annuity. If you are looking ahead to retirement, you can delay the start of payments and realize a higher payment rate.

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