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Sarah, Jeff, Lindsay and Tyler Howard

The Howard family has made “giving back” and helping others a family passion. Jeff is an active member of the Boys & Girls Club of Lake County, Illinois; the family just recently returned from a trip to Tanzania to support a school for handicapped kids; and they regularly go on mission trips with their church. So, it was not surprising when they decided that they would leave a family legacy to City of Hope.

When Jeff and his wife, Sarah, redid their trust as part of putting their personal affairs in order, they decided to include City of Hope, along with their kids, as a beneficiary.

“We both come from modest backgrounds,” says Jeff, “so we feel very lucky and blessed for all that we have. And thanks to a long and satisfying career in the office products industry, we feel fortunate to be able to give back.”

“We also have personal reasons for supporting City of Hope,” Jeff adds. “Both our families have a long history of family members being affected by cancer. My parents both died at a young age of cancer, and my brother was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.”

As longtime supporters of City of Hope through the National Business Products Industry, the Howards wanted a way to continue that support after they are gone. “Some of the research that’s being done could help our kids and grandkids and generations down the line,” explains Jeff. “It doesn’t have to be a big gift. Everything helps — and if everyone does something, it can really add up.”