About the Challenge

The Spezzanos
“It’s easy to appreciate what City of Hope does. You see the results in lives saved.”
– Dick and Carole Spezzano, Southern California
Food Industries Circles supporters and
Industry Challenge leaders
Tracy and Doug Lape
“We understand that there won’t be a cure for every disease, but City of Hope is in the best position to have an impact. We want this to be part of our legacy.”
– Tracy and Doug Lape, Northern California
Food Industries Circles supporters and
Industry Challenge leaders
the Howards
“Some of the research that’s being done could help our kids and grandkids and generations down the line.”
– Sarah, Jeff, Lindsay and Tyler Howard
National Business Products Industry supporters
and Industry Challenge Leaders
Bob Enk
“We all want to take care of our family and those close to us. I wanted to include City of Hope, too. That’s why I’ve made City of Hope a beneficiary of a percentage of my trust. I want to encourage others to help, too.
– Bob Enk, National Business Products Industry
supporter and Industry Challenge leader
The Kapors
“We have an opportunity to give to future generations. If we each make a small gift to City of Hope through our estate, we will be doing our part to secure the future of City of Hope for many years to come.”
– Betsy and Jeff Kapor
Fashion & Retail Group supporters and
Industry Challenge leaders
Charles and Sandra
“We had already planned to include City of Hope as a beneficiary of our trust, but it was only after the Campaign started that we finally made it happen … I see how City of Hope has grown, with industry support, from a small hospital to a world-class institution, and I know our money will be put to good use.”
– Bruce and Marielena Merino
Hardware/Homebuilding Industry supporters
and Industry Challenge leaders
The Carrolls
“We have been moved by the passion and dedication of City of Hope’s doctors and staff. A bequest in your will for City of Hope is an effortless way to help.”
– Hodges and Joe Carroll
International Home Furnishings Industry supporters
and Industry Challenge leaders
Tony Markel
“I’m committed to doing everything I can personally and professionally, to advance the cause of ending cancer.”
– Tony Markel, National Insurance Industry Council
supporter and Industry Challenge leader

The Industry Challenge was created to encourage industry supporters, like you, to leave a gift in their will to City of Hope.

Even with all you have accomplished through your industry support, there is an opportunity to have a greater impact. You have the chance to be remembered as someone who helped ensure that City of Hope’s innovative research and compassionate patient care will be available until the day cures for cancer, diabetes and other diseases are discovered.

Participation in the Industry Challenge by making a gift to City of Hope through your will is an opportunity to communicate your values and your dreams for the kind of future you hope your children and grandchildren will inherit.

To join the Industry Challenge simply make any one of a wide variety of gifts to City of Hope, including but not limited to:

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