Hodges and Joe Carroll

Although they live in North Carolina, Hodges and Joe Carroll could not feel more connected to the International Home Furnishings Industry group and to City of Hope if they lived in Los Angeles. Joe’s career as publisher of Furniture Today made him an eyewitness to the last 40 years of City of Hope’s successes — successes due in part to generous funding by the International Home Furnishings Industry. Joe puts it this way: “It’s a very giving group. It’s also like a big family, to me and to those who are involved.”

That is why, when a beloved colleague from the furniture industry was diagnosed with cancer, it felt like they could lose member of that family. “We were devastated by the news and saddened by his poor prognosis,” recalls Joe. “We watched him declining — but then he was accepted into a trial at City of Hope. That was three years ago, and he’s thriving now.”

In 2006, when Joe was honored with the Spirit of Life® award, he told this story in his acceptance speech. After the speech, the colleague approached Joe to thank him. He was grateful to Joe for acknowledging the industry’s personal connection to City of Hope’s work.

“Knowing someone in our industry was personally helped by City of Hope deepened our commitment,” says Joe. “But considering where he was treated, we weren’t surprised that our friend survived. When Hodges and I toured City of Hope, we were moved by the dedication of the doctors and staff. We came away with a new appreciation for these talented men and women. You can’t help but see the passion they have for their jobs and their patients.”

That is why, when the Industry Challenge to secure City of Hope’s next 100 years was announced, Joe and Hodges stepped forward immediately to lead the International Home Furnishings Industry effort. “It’s not a big sacrifice to make a gift through your will,” Joe says. “Hodges and I are happy knowing that when we are gone, our estate will continue to benefit City of Hope.”