Doing the Most Good

Ann Elger is a business owner, nonprofit leader, entertainer and singer, who has performed with her group, the Towne Singers, at Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center. She’s an avid traveler, who has visited Alaska and Antarctica and almost every place in between, and a philanthropist – and she manages it all with energy to spare. Determined, conscientious, motivated and ambitious since an early age, Ann has brought the skills that made her so successful in her all of her endeavors to cancer research and advocacy.

When her husband, Bob, was diagnosed with melanoma in 1988, Ann jumped into action, learning all she could about treatment options and new research being done at the time. “It was before the internet, so I just networked and got on the phone and called everyone and anyone who was doing cancer research,” she said. “You have to be proactive. And it paid off, because he’s still here and doing well!” They just celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary.

“My interest in learning all I could about cancer research led me to City of Hope. And just last year, City of Hope saved two of my friends. Both had cancers deemed untreatable by other centers, but I referred them to City of Hope, and both are in remission and doing well. One is back singing with me again and looking like her old self! And it was because of the research done at City of Hope and the care she received there. I learned that cancer does not need to be a life sentence.”

Ann also has found the quality of compassionate care offered at City of Hope sets it apart. “My friends who have been treated there agree that they treat each patient as a whole person, one who matters to them. That feels unique to City of Hope. It is a wonderful place, and also special because they do everything there: conduct research, treat cancer and care for the patients at the same time.”

Because of their confidence in the quality patient care and groundbreaking research provided by City of Hope, Ann and Bob wanted to offer their support in a significant way. They have named City of Hope as a beneficiary of their estate plan, a gesture for which City of Hope is very grateful. “There is no better organization to support if you are interested in leading-edge research that will save lives now and in the future. If you want to find opportunities to dramatically improve people’s health, lives and longevity, you could not do better than supporting City of Hope. This is the organization where your gifts will do the most good!”