A Gift to Save Other Lives

Janet Rose

Janet Rose was stunned when a routine gall bladder surgery turned into a liver cancer diagnosis. The South Carolina resident was evaluated by several East Coast oncology specialists and was told her cancer was inoperable. “They said I only had four to five months to live,” Janet recounts.

She learned of Dr. Yuman Fong at City of Hope through her own research and referrals from friends. “Dr. Fong called after reviewing my medical records and told me he thought he could help me.” With hope in her heart, Janet flew to City of Hope for treatment by Dr. Fong. When she woke up after surgery, Janet learned that the procedure was a success. Biopsies showed she was cancer free.

“Dr. Fong and City of Hope saved my life,” she attests. That is why Janet decided to include a gift of retirement plan assets to the City of Hope in her will. “I felt that if they saved my life, they could save other lives too. What better way to support their important work and help others?”

In the days since her own treatment, Janet has referred other liver cancer patients to City of Hope. “Every one of us probably knows someone touched directly or indirectly by cancer. If each of us leaves a gift to City of Hope, we can change the future by helping to finally end cancer. I hope I can see that in my lifetime.”

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