Leaving a Legacy That Gives Hope to Future Families

Watch Sam and Sarah Richardson talk about teaching their daughters to give back. Does your story sound like theirs?

Creating Tomorrow’s Miracles

Sam Richardson’s successful career is the result of his great drive and professional commitment. He has worked for three companies that are longtime supporters of City of Hope’s National Business Products Industry. It’s no surprise that he, too, has become a dedicated supporter. What is surprising is how that connection to City of Hope has changed the future for his entire family.

Last year, Sam’s father, who is 80, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer. “He called me and told me he had three months to live,” Sam recalls. “I sought out the doctors at City of Hope because I knew they could provide essentially that: hope. And they did.”

A year and a half later, Sam’s father is still alive. “He still has cancer, and it’s still terminal cancer,” Sam says. “But the tumors have shrunk, and my dad’s a different man. He was given months, and now he has years.” Sam’s wife Sarah adds, “City of Hope has been a blessing.”

Recently, Sam and Sarah arranged to leave a gift for City of Hope through their whole life insurance plan. “We were taught that you give what you can and we want to send that same message to our children,” says Sam. “That’s why we’ve left a gift of life insurance to City of Hope. It’s an easy way to provide for our daughters and leave a legacy that gives hope to future families.”

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