James Engelman

As a physician, I had a unique insight into what my future entailed once I decided to embark on a hematopoietic stem cell transplant. I looked at several West Coast transplant centers and decided on City of Hope. From my initial visit to City of Hope, driving by the beautiful rose garden and walking past the inspirational fountain at the entrance, I felt an immediate comfort. Danny, my patient navigator, followed by the intake nurse and finally Dr. O’Donnell, cemented my decision that City of Hope was the transplant center for me. I felt confident in their ability to give me the best and most compassionate care possible. During the four months that my wife and I spent at Helford Hospital and Hope Village, I met so many wonderful people. From the doctors, nurses and support staff to the Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center and workers at Hope Village, everyone was wonderful to both of us. Their dedication to being part of this great organization with such a fantastic mission was beautiful.

I am now in the process of training to be an ambassador of the “Be the Match” program and plan on organizing a donor outreach program in my community, Santa Cruz, California, under the auspices of City of Hope.

City of Hope is one of the many manifestations of humanity at its best: People helping people. Let’s do everything possible to keep this beacon of light glowing.