Dena R. and Mark A. Gerardi

I have been a patient in ongoing treatment at City of Hope for eight years. During that time, I have made many dear friends (many of them will be lifelong) in the form of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, aides and other staff, as well as other patients (several of whom I’ve lost due to their illness). Dr. Auayporn Nademanee (Dr. Nade) has treated me with compassion and great care. She always has a plan, which makes living with cancer much easier and tolerable. Everyone I’ve encountered there, from valet service to cafeteria staff to doctors, has treated me with kindness and care. I feel safe at City of Hope.

Since I’ve been fighting cancer (nine years), there have been many advances and discoveries specific to my illness. I have had the honor and blessing to be a part of history and science in the making.

I am not wealthy nor a corporation or business. I am a mere patient doing the best I can every day to stay strong and continue to survive and thrive. My contributions are a big thank you for helping me live as long as I have. I am grateful.