Dolores LaRue

The experience that has influenced me the most in my support of City of Hope was my first visit there after I had been told by a local cancer doctor that I should literally go home and get my affairs in order. The year was 2004 and I had been diagnosed with two brain tumors and bone cancer. My husband was furious and told the doctor that he was going to take me to City of Hope and let them check me over. We were at City of Hope the following Monday with all my scans and other tests.

The hope and compassion they gave got me started that first day and today, I am still here. I see Dr. Jana Portnow every four to six months for a checkup. I don’t know for how long I will continue to have the good results I have been having, but I trust and love Dr. Portnow to do the best she can for me. I can see the great progress in the buildings and equipment available and know that they are focusing on the future.

I always so admire the names of all the donors on the buildings because they had the same faith and trust to want to continue the great work that the doctors and scientists are doing.