Paul Martinez

I started donating blood to City of Hope in 1980 and have collected the shirts they gave to people that donated blood. My mother-in-law was treated at City of Hope, as well as one of my aunts, and both passed away from cancer. I used to come on tours from work for lunch. I never thought I would be a patient at City of Hope. But in late 2008, I came to City of Hope for treatment on a cancerous tumor. I’m happy to say I have been in remission going on five years — that is great for me. I was treated very well all the time I was sick and tell anyone I know how good the doctors are. I’m thankful with all my heart.

On March 14, 2014, I will be 70 years old. I will continue donating blood whenever I can. I do not have much, but with your help, I’m still here. I will donate whenever I can. Keep up the good work and helping the people who are sick.

All the people that work at City of Hope are very nice and eager to make you feel better. To me, the doctors are the best. The hospital is run so well — the lines I waited in were never long and always fast.