Laura Morgon

When I was 29 years old in 1989, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I was uninsured, had three small children (my youngest was nine months old) and terrified. I was treated at City of Hope and thank God am cancer-free almost 25 years later. I went on to become an RN and raised my children and am now a grandmother! I did lose my beloved husband to liver cancer in March of 2012. I will always give a little when the envelopes come. And I am constantly praying for your patients, amazing staff and mission. I never cease to sing the praises of the work you do. God bless all of you. If I am so blessed with more funds, I will certainly give more when I can.

There is always hope — even in dying, when so many are doing so much for those struggling to live. Just to let those going through those darkest moments know many of us out here have been there and pray for them.