Gary S. Platt on behalf of Albert Platt

I no longer belong to a chapter but during the 1950s my two older sisters and their husbands, as well as my wife and our many cousins and friends, established the Albert Platt Chapter to remember my father, who was a patient at City of Hope. After many years of involvement, our age caught up with us and as many passed away and the others could not continue, the chapter was discontinued. We then became active in the Judy Rose Chapter, named in memory of a five year old who passed away at City of Hope, who was the daughter of our very good friends.

I was born in 1925 and we lived in Sierra Madre, California. My father, Albert Platt, traveled by the Red Car to the store that he managed, Platt Music Co. on Brooklyn Avenue in Boyle Heights, in about 20 minutes. We had rapid transit in those days. Platt Music Co. had about 35 retail music stores in Southern California, as well as the music concession at the May Co. store. The company was owned by my uncle, who was the president of Sinai Temple for about 25 years and involved in many aspects of Jewish life in the Los Angeles area. My father was diagnosed with tuberculosis in about 1933 and spent most of the next 20 years at City of Hope. I remember hearing stories as a child that my father asked my uncle to build the small temple at City of Hope. His son and wife established an auditorium at City of Hope.

Thank you again for this chance to think about the past.