Charna Ravich

In the late 1940s, a neighbor was being treated at City of Hope for TB. In honor of the institution, the neighbor’s wife and my father, Dr. Milton Dickter, founded the first City of Hope chapter in the San Fernando Valley. My entire family became active fundraisers and it passed down to me.

Decades later, when I was a single mom with three small children, I gathered some friends together and founded SINGLES FOR HOPE. Now decades after that, my husband and I are still donating to the cause. During the past years, many of my friends have been successfully treated for various cancers at City of Hope.

It gives me a sense of security knowing that City of Hope is nearby and is doing cutting-edge work to advance treatments for many diseases. City of Hope will always hold a special place in my heart and checkbook. I pray the future work will bring many successes in the treatment of patients and the possible end to these devastating diseases.