Marvin Ridgely

I met Dr. Steve Forman a few months before my stem cell transplant on August 14, 2008. I could tell immediately that I was in the best hands. He walked me through all of the testing and treatment before checking me into the hospital. The treatment went as predicted and the care and the follow-up appointments proved to me that I could not be in better hands than at City of Hope. The road to recovery is not easy but with assurances and support, it is now over five years and I am living a completely normal, productive life for a 73-year-old man. I have referred three patients to Dr. Forman and the results have been completely successful. I believe that cancer patients are under the best care at City of Hope.

I believe that in time, stem cell therapy will be a solution for many ailments today. I think City of Hope is on the cutting edge of research and my support both financially and in spirit lends itself to my position.

City of Hope is simply the best! Trust is so important in dealing with cancer and to have confidence in the doctors, the staff, the hospital and diagnostics means everything!