Your Legacy Can Bring Hope to Those With Cancer

Secure Your Legacy

Protecting and providing for those you love is important to everyone. One of the easiest ways you can provide security is through your will or other estate plan. Your plans should be a financial map for your heirs and a testament to your values and beliefs.

Be a Guardian of Hope

You have the power to make a lasting difference. Become a guardian of hope by including City of Hope in your will or estate plan. Ensure that your legacy continues to light the path toward a future without cancer. With your help, we can advance our mission to conquer cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses.

Including a gift to City of Hope® in your planning creates a personal legacy for you and still provides for your loved ones. Most of these options cost you nothing today but can help transform the future of health care.

Also, a gift to City of Hope in your plans can:
  • Conserve more assets for your children or other loved ones
  • Increase your current or future income
  • Reduce your current income tax
  • Reduce or eliminate capital gains tax on appreciated assets

There are many paths to meet your financial, family and charitable planning goals, and we want to help you along the way. Listed below are some of our most popular planning resources that can help you create or update your plans. Simply complete the form to request these complimentary guides.

Espinosa Family
“The name — City of Hope — says it all. I’m thankful that because of the Army, I was able to afford the care I needed, and now I’m in a position to offer this gift.”
— Manuel Espinosa

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