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Betsy and Jeff Kapor

Betsy and Jeff Kapor are forever grateful to Jeff’s father, David, for a particular legacy they inherited from him: their commitment to City of Hope. “My dad was one of the early industry supporters of City of Hope, through what today we call the Fashion & Retail Group,” Jeff says. “I remember first fundraising for City of Hope back in 1971, when Art Buchwald received the Spirit of Life Award®.” Following in his father’s footsteps, Jeff serves as president of an industry group and received the Spirit of Life Award® in 2003.

Since City of Hope’s founding more than 100 years ago, industry support has been an essential part of its success. “Many Fashion & Retail Group volunteers have been acknowledged for their contributions to our community and to City of Hope,” explains Jeff. “Back when my father was involved, the industry might have raised $50,000 in a year. Now we are raising more than $1 million annually.”

Jeff continues, “In the years since we first became involved with City of Hope, Betsy and I have lost friends and associates to cancer. In fact, I almost lost Betsy to the disease. But we’re lucky. We live in the world of modern medicine, and many of us have been touched, directly or indirectly, by the cutting-edge procedures developed and practiced at City of Hope. City of Hope saves lives.”

When City of Hope announced the Industry Challenge to secure City of Hope’s next 100 years, Jeff and Betsy stepped forward to lead the Fashion & Retail Group’s efforts. As Jeff puts it, “We have an opportunity to give hope to future generations. If we each make a gift to City of Hope through our estate, we will be doing our part to secure the future of City of Hope for many years to come.”