A Gift from a Goddess

Judy Tenuta, renowned as “The Love Goddess” of comedy, not only tickled funny bones but also touched hearts with her generosity. While her humor earned her a devoted fanbase, it was her selfless spirit that truly set her apart.

In 2008, Judy’s life took a romantic turn when she met Vern Pang. Their connection, sparked over a passion of shared snacks and Judy’s appetite, blossomed into a partnership filled with laughter and love. Little did they know that their journey together would include a battle against ovarian cancer.

Despite facing Stage 4 cancer, Judy approached life with her trademark humor and resilience. Throughout her treatment, she remained committed to spreading joy and giving back to causes close to her heart.

Judy’s generous spirit shone brightly through her legacy gift to City of Hope®, aiming to support the search for cures and compassionate care to those battling cancer. Her gift was not just a financial contribution but also a heartfelt gesture to raise awareness and inspire others to join the fight against this devastating disease.

Throughout Judy’s cancer journey, Vern stood by Judy’s side as her devoted partner and caregiver. Together, they navigated the challenges of cancer with grace and strength while spreading laughter and love wherever they went. Her thoughts on her condition are memorialized in her video Kicking Cancer’s A** at judytenuta.com.

Today, Judy’s legacy lives on as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Her gift to City of Hope exemplifies Judy’s generosity, kindness and concern for others’ well-being. “She wanted her gift to bring recognition to City of Hope. She wanted to leave the world a better place,” says Vern.