The Heart of City of Hope Touched His Whole Family

Marc Jacoby first encountered City of Hope in 1973 when he was diagnosed with a testicular tumor. At 25 years old, with a 6-month-old baby, he was given only a 1% chance of survival. But his City of Hope surgeon encouraged him: “I really believe you will make it… ” That was more than 45 years ago!

As Marc received life-saving treatment, he and his family felt supported in other ways as well. His wife and parents stayed in accommodations on campus, significantly reducing their burden, so they could constantly be by his side.

In addition, what has remained at the forefront of his memories is the excellent level of treatment provided by his City of Hope health care professionals. He shared, “Sometimes you go to a hospital and there is a special person there — a nurse or doctor who really stands out. But after I got home and thought about who in particular we wanted to thank, we realized we needed to get at least 30 boxes of See’s Candies for all the people who stood out during my stay. I think it speaks volumes to have so many people make such an impression.”

Since then, Marc has been a consistent supporter of City of Hope and has recently made time to host and attend events despite the demands of running two businesses.

Marc has also made a deeply personal gift by including City of Hope in his estate plans as a beneficiary of his living trust and says that giving through a will or trust is an option more people might want to consider: “Most people want to ensure that they have enough income during their lives, but don’t realize that after they pass, there is a great opportunity for them to support City of Hope. A gift in your estate is often a larger gift than you can make during your life.” And he has extended his annual support by making qualified charitable distributions directly from his IRA to City of Hope.

Looking back at his experience as a patient compared to his experience now as a supporter, Marc believes that the heart of City of Hope remains true, with a steadfast focus on the whole person and their family: “When you go to City of Hope, you just know you can truly trust the care you’ll receive. You feel like you’re the only person in the world to them, even if you’re just waiting to make an appointment. Everyone who passes through the doors, whether as a patient or a family member, feels like they are the most important person there. Even as City of Hope continues to expand to help more patients, their philosophy and principles remain the same.”

While the coronavirus pandemic has been challenging for everyone, Marc has hope that there will be a “reset” along with the opportunity for all of us to move forward in better and different ways. He believes generosity will be part of that, adding: “If you’re thinking about joining me in supporting City of Hope now or through your estate plans, I would say, “Open your heart, and just give!”