Why Invest in City of Hope?

City of Hope is focused on rapidly transforming scientific discoveries into better treatments and prevention strategies for cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Our mission is to quickly bring cures to patients. As part of that effort, we manufacture potential new therapies on our campus, enabling investigators to create promising treatments without the high cost and delays encountered by other research centers.

Today’s researchers are continuing a long tradition of achievement. The many efforts currently underway include a study of a combination of ancient Chinese medicine in combination with chemotherapy for the treatment of colon cancer, testing the use of genetically modified T cells to reduce the chances of relapse in patients undergoing autologous transplant and researching a way of curing diabetes independent of diet.

At City of Hope, we treat the whole person by providing not only the best medical care possible for our patients, but also by providing that care in an atmosphere of kindness and compassion. City of Hope gives its patients and their loved ones the resources, education and support they need to better manage the challenges related to a serious illness.

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