Starting a New Chapter in Life While Remembering City of Hope

Helga and Jurgen Hahneiser

Helga and Jurgen Hahneiser emigrated from Germany to Los Angeles in 1966. Just a few years later, they realized their dream of opening a restaurant, Little J’s, which soon became famous for its soul food, diverse clientele, vibrant entertainment and welcoming atmosphere. After 40 years of success and hard work, they retired and eagerly began to plan the next chapter of their life together.

Avid sailors for four decades, they embarked on numerous cruises around the world, spending four months at a time at sea, from Hawaii to Europe, enjoying the friendly atmosphere, interesting speakers and new friends. “There are wonderful speakers, you can learn a new language if you’d like, and the people are lovely. We don’t bother too much with the evening entertainment, though, having been in the industry!”

As time went on, they began to revisit their financial goals. They were looking for a way to simplify their financial holdings, but also wanted an opportunity to make a difference. Because of their personal experience with cancer, Helga and Jurgen wanted to give back to a cause that was meaningful to them.

“Since we don’t have children, we gave thought to where our money should go.” After researching City of Hope and visiting the campus, they decided to make a significant gift by establishing a charitable gift annuity. “We are happy to have income for the rest our lives, and then the remaining funds can go to a worthwhile organization such as City of Hope.”

Visiting City of Hope helped make their decision easier. “We had a tour and as we met people and saw the different departments, we were very impressed. They really do so much! Not just for people with cancer, but for people with diabetes and other illnesses,” shares Helga. “We trust City of Hope to use our gift for the purpose it’s given. In our case, it will go where there is the most need, rather than a specific program. If you are thinking of how you can make a difference, supporting City of Hope is truly worthwhile.”