Nancy Berger

After donating for many years, I received an invitation for a lunch at City of Hope. The representative I spoke to on the phone explained about the tour and what we’d see. Some time ago, my brother and I had purchased a Memorial Gold Brick with my parents’ names and after the lunch, we were taken on a special tour to see the brick. At the lunch itself, the survivors that spoke were amazing, telling their cancer stories.

Since that time, I have been back for lunches and tours and attended the 100-year centennial luncheon. Recently, I spoke to a staff member and he personally came to speak for a committee I’m on at my temple (Temple Aliyah – Woodland Hills). I donate money every month in support of City of Hope to keep working for new technology to find a cure for such an awful disease. It just breaks my heart to see children suffer so badly.

I want everyone to donate to City of Hope to keep alive the funding to find cures and develop new technology for such a beautiful campus — so that it can grow to find cures for other diseases besides cancer and diabetes.