Jacqueline Chernack

Breast cancer brought me to City of Hope. Caring, capable staff and wonderful doctors with whom I’ve been fully blessed as MY team of doctors keep me there. I cannot really give the adequate thanks and praise that my wonderful doctors deserve. They’ve been lifesavers, counselors, friends. I praise God for guiding me to: Dr. James Andersen, Dr. Arti Hurria, Dr. Salehian, Dr. Wakabayashi. I’ve even brought friends to meet and be treated by some of those wonderful doctors. I’m very grateful they were everything and more to those I referred to City of Hope. I wrote an article that was accepted for City of Hope magazine – in that, I expressed my feelings: I feel safe, grateful and very blessed to belong to City of Hope. What more can be said? There may be better words, but certainly no deeper gratitude.

My wish is City of Hope can continue the great work, care and research so they can generate even more and better results. Keep living up to the City of Hope credo because I believe more ‘hope’ lies ahead for so many patients.